Full-Time I.T. Support on a Part-Time Budget

Tim Rifkin of Equinox Technologies is A+ certified through CompTIA for PC hardware and software installation and repair. Tim is also Network+ certified though CompTIA for wireless and hardwired networking. Equinox Technologies is HIPAA certified and regularly works in medical offices. Equinox principle Tim Rifkin has worked in IT support for over 20 years, the last 7 in his own business. He invites you to enjoy the same reasonable rates and outstanding IT services he's been delivering to homes and offices in Ulster County, Dutchess County, Orange County, and throughout the Hudson Valley. Specializing in small to medium size business offices and residential users, Equinox Technologies understands there is a need for technology services for businesses of all sizes. We offer you on-call, full-time support at a fraction of the cost of adding a new employee to your payroll. Being on the forefront of technology for over 2 decades, we fully understand what an ever-changing world it truly is and offer IT support that ensures your peace of mind. We are committed to providing fast, reliable & courteous service.